babyballerina is a unique dance curriculum designed exclusively for children from 2 – 3 years. The children are required to be assisted by an adult who actively participates alongside their dancer for the entire lesson. Your love and support makes for a very special learning experience, and the young dancers learn so much from watching and listening to you. Classes are 35 minutes in duration and we explore movement through the use of beautiful props, musicality and rhythm, balance, coordination and flexibility. Attending a ballerinaschool class helps nurture creativity, self-expression and confidence in your little one.

primaballerina is for 3 – 4 year olds and is the next stage of your child’s ballet education at ballerinaschool. The dancers will now be confident enough to dance independently. We start introducing the foundations of classical ballet technique alongside fun, creative activities and using beautiful props. The dancers learn how to work together and follow instructions while finding the joy that comes from moving to music. Classes are 4o minutes in duration.

Now when your dancer turns 4 they have the option of starting their formal dance training at ballerinaschool. Each year the dancers will progress through graded examinations from Rosette 1 Ballet and Jazz pre-grade to Advanced and Solo Performance Diploma. This is a perfect option for families who would like their child to continue learning and achieving in a lovely, supportive atmosphere at ballerinaschool.

NZAMD is one of the largest New Zealand based dance examination organisation in the country. The NZAMD ballet and Jazz syllabi are fun and innovative, with reasonably priced examination fees.  The classes will also include non-exam work and recital items to keep the students engaged and challenged. Children will sit their first presentation classes or exams around October - December 2017.

Rosette Pre Grades 1 and 2 in ballet and jazz are presentation classes with the Teacher / Demonstrator encouraged to participate with the children, either dancing or giving helpful guidance whilst building a confident and independent dancer. The Syllabus is designed to introduce children to dance, and the examination system, in a fun and imaginative way.
Rosette Pre Grade 3 is an examination without Teacher participation.

All children who sit their pre grade presentation class or examinations receive an award. After completing the presentation class or examination, parents and caregivers will be invited into the studio to watch the presentation of the Rosettes to each child. The children proudly treasure the beautiful rosettes and, with the attractive colours of the Rosettes used to differentiate between the various disciplines and levels, a child could move between the disciplines without duplication of their rosettes.


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