NZAMD Ballet and Jazz Examination Classes.

When your dancer turns 4 they have the option of starting their formal dance training at ballerinaschool. Each year the dancers will progress through graded examinations from Rosette 1 Ballet and Jazz pre-grade to Advanced and Solo Performance Diploma. This is a perfect option for families who would like their child to continue learning and achieving in a lovely, supportive atmosphere at ballerinaschool.

NZAMD is one of the largest New Zealand based dance examination organisation in the country. The NZAMD ballet syllabus is fun and innovative, with reasonably priced examination fees.  The classes will also include non-exam work and recital items to keep the students engaged and challenged. Children will sit their exams around October - December each year. There is also the option of attending the classes and choosing not to sit the exams if you wish.

Ballet and American Jazz  Class ages

Rosette 1 for children aged 4 to 6 yrs
Rosette 2 for children aged 5 to 7 yrs
Rosette 3 for children aged 6 to 8 yrs
Grades for children aged 8 yrs and up
Pre-Elementary- Advanced - 13 yrs +

NZAMD Ballet.
The classes follow the NZAMD Ballet syllabus, incorporating basic positions and steps to mime, leaps and turns. All students have the opportunity to sit exams. Our younger dancers sitting the Rosette grades and from the age of 8 they commence their graded examinations.

American Jazz
We offer Jazz classes at all levels that follow the NZAMD American Jazz Syllabus. This is a new and exciting syllabus choreographed by Keith Clifton of the USA. All  students have the opportunity to sit exams. The Jazz Syllabus offers a fun and supportive learning experience that allows young dancers to learn a range of exercises and routines, from correct warm up techniques to learning turns, kicks and jumps and choreographed dances.


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